Susquehanna County Roofing Contractor & Roofing Services

susquehanna county county seatSusquehanna County is experiencing an economic boom with new construction and homes being renovated. Driving through the county you see homes with new roofing and siding going up everywhere. Susquehanna County borders New York State and is a gateway NYC and New England. The population is growing and people are moving into Susquehanna County because of great Real Estate opportunities.

Nepa Roofing has had its roots in the county for over five decades. They take pride in working with friends and neighbors helping them restore their homes by adding roofing, siding, chimney work while walking them through financing if needed. Many of the roofing and siding work they do is for long time friends as everyone knows each other. Nepa is seeing a rebirth of the county with roads being repaved and small businesses being opened by long time residents.

The unemployment rate is low and new businesses are coming from service contractors to mom and pop stores. Even though Susquehanna County is 823 square miles the population is less than 50,000. Roofing services and siding is important as the winters do take a toll on the local homes.

The county prides itself with North Knob the highest mountain peak along with many farm rich beautiful valleys. Chimneys must be in great shape before the winter. Especially if you use a wood stove. Nepa is the roofer that is there from chimney sweeps to adding liners. We have been here forever and plan to be the company that will stay and pass on to the next generation. Susquehanna County is where the owners went to school and have lived all their lives.

Local Susquehanna County Areas We Serve: Forest City Borough | Susquehanna Depot Borough | Montrose Borough | Hallstead Borough | New Milford Borough | Great Bend Borough | Oakland Borough | Lanesboro Borough | Hop Bottom Borough | Thompson Borough | Little Meadows Borough | Union Dale Borough | Friendsville Borough