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Soffit and fascia go hand in hand when considering them for your home. When choosing the right company for your soffit and fascia services, it is important you choose a company you know you can trust to get the job done right the first time. The experts at ASR Construction proudly offer expert soffit and fascia services to satisfy your every need. When you call ASR Construction we ensure complete customer satisfaction guaranteed every time for you soffit and fascia service needs. We are pros when it comes to the installation of soffit and fascia so you never have to worry about the quality of a job on your home.


Soffit and Fascia Contractors and Roofer Services Since it is not a common term you hear too often, what is soffit? If you have every looked up at the roof of someone’s home and have seen material connecting part of the roof to the rest of the home then you have seen what soffit is, even if it didn’t look like much. Soffit is most commonly seen as an accessory under the roofs of buildings, but it can also be found in a number of other places such as under porches or a flight of stairs to name a few.

Soffit allows you to cover up your rafter beams while adding your very own unique, personal style. Soffit comes in a wide variety of styles and colors so that you can customize your home to look the way you want while also adding a valuable feature to your home. Much like fascia, soffit also protects your rafters from all harmful outdoor elements, preventing against mold build up and water damage. Soffit also allows helps improve airflow within your home so that it is properly ventilated.



 Soffit and Fascia Contractors and Roofer Services Serving as yet another layer of defense against harsh and destructive outdoor elements, fascia is a valuable investment for your home. Fascia is a vertical finishing edge that lines the edge of the rafters or where the gutters are attached to your roof. The way that fascia is installed helps you protect your home from water damage, therefore saving you money down the road.

In addition to its functional benefits, fascia also provides a design appeal like no other. Having fascia installed as a part of your home creates an even, more smooth design on the edge of your roof. Fascia presents a very clean cut, smooth roof lining that will not go unnoticed. Fascia will allow you to make a valuable addition to your home that adds quality and efficiency to your home as well.

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