Scranton Roofing Contractor Services

pennsylvania paper supply company towerThe biggest need for roofing services would be in the greater Scranton area based on population alone. Scranton has the largest population of any city in the tri-county area of Lackawana, Susquhanna and Wayne with over 80 thousand residents. The winters in Scranton aren’t easy and are very difficult on roofs and exterior sidings or any form of material used to protect your home from the elements. Local residents feel that winters last all year round. ASR Construction has been the go to roofing and siding service contractor in Scranton for over twenty years. With harsh conditions the life of your roof and exterior siding may cut by a few years. Constant frost freezing and thawing are very difficult on most asphalt roofing shingles.The weather conditions in Scranton don’t allow for anything less than the best roof products and a full service longtime roofing contractor service. With the growth of Scranton for residential new home construction and the economy getting stronger, consumers are now doing siding and roofing work they have put off for years.

Scranton PA is the geographic and cultural center of the Lackawanna River valley. New homes and older ones that go back over a century are in need of professional roofers and siding contractors. Scranton was originally known as one of the largest of the former coal mining communities which includes its neighbors Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, and Carbondale.

Lackawanna County gained independent status in 1878. Scranton then became the county seat where much of the older homes of historic value exist today. ASR Construction takes pride in maintaining the historic look and feel before they start projects ranging from roofing, siding and chimney work. The owners of ASR were born and raised in nearby Susquhanna County. Family owned and operated they take their work with pride and want to pass that tradition on to the next generation. ASR wants to be the Scranton go to Roofing Brand you will call first.