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Chimney Caps

While in many new homes today there are not chimney caps installed, the experts at ASR Construction believe that they are an essential part to every existing chimney. While there are many reasons why you should consider the installation of a chimney cap, there are four main important roles that chimney caps serve.

First, chimney caps keep birds and animals away from the inside of your home. Animals and birds will make nests where ever they see fit, chimneys being one of the prime spots. Chimney caps serve as a barrier to keep them away from creating a nest within your home.
Second, they protect against blockage from debris. If there are trees around your home, the leaves can make their way into your chimney causing a blockage. When you install a chimney cap, it protects against leaves and other outdoor elements from making their way into your chimney and creating problems.
Third, chimney caps prevent against moisture damages. You can’t help the weather, so when it rains it is hard to prevent rain from entering your chimney. When water does get into your chimney it can corrode different aspects of it, making your chimney less functional.
Lastly, they reduce fire risks, not just for your home but for those around you. Chimney caps prevent fire embers and sparks from escaping through your chimney, which in turn prevents the trees or other homes around you from catching on fire.

While these are just a few of the benefits that chimney caps offer, they can serve as a great addition to your home chimney system.


Chimney Liners

There is a common misconception that chimney liners are designed to help keep your chimney clean, however this is not the case. Chimney liners are a very important safety feature designed to protect your home from smoke, heat, gas, and embers from your fireplace that travel up your chimney.

So how do you know when the chimney liner in your home needs to be replaced? If you call the experts at ASR Construction, we will come to your home, evaluate your chimney liner, and help you determine if your liner needs to be replaced. Let the experts at ASR Construction help you get started on your chimney needs today.

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