Cedar Shake Siding

If you are looking to add a more natural look to your home, cedar shake siding is a great option. Although it is slightly less popular than other siding materials to date, it offers a lot of benefits and a great style to your home. Cedar shake siding is unstained and unfinished siding, which is what gives it that natural look to your home. Cedar shake also comes in a variety of style options such as groove, wavy, bevel and many more so that you can style your home exactly how you imagined.

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Cedar wood is known for its anti-fungal properties, making it a great siding option for any home. You can choose to leave your cedar shake siding untreated and not have to worry about it warping, rotting, or cracking. when you have cedar shake siding installed on your home it will not severely deteriorate, however it will eventually weather. When cedar shake weathers over time, the color changes creating an older, more rustic appearance. So even when the cedar weathers you are still left with an authentic, natural look to your home!

Regardless of if you decide to personally stain your cedar shake siding, or allow weathering to do the job for you, this siding option does require basic, routine maintenance. One way to give your cedar shake siding a longer lifespan is to power-wash it annually.

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